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We are now proud to offer a gym like atmosphere to all our woofer guests.


Treadmill work:

Did you know that there are treadmills designed specifically for our canine friends? Well we do and we offer a treadmill work out to your four legged buddy. We will slowly introduce your woofer to our treadmill work so that he or she is comfortable enough to use it on their own. With time and patience, we can have your pooch getting a good cardio work out.

Lure coursing:

Have you ever had your dog participate in a lure coursing session? You should, it's very engaging to dogs and a great way to release pent up energy. That is why we now offer lure coursing. Using a Swiftpaw lure coursing machine, we can quickly setup a session and let the dogs have fun chasing an acting moving prey object. 

*Please note that our exercise is included in our daycare sessions

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