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Going on vacation or just need a night for yourself? Our boarding service is just what you need.


  • We will walk your dog around our neighborhood for as long as he or she likes.


  • We will feed your dog according to any schedule you set up.


  • We will play with your dog in our back yard or at the park nearby. If it's summer, then I am sure your dog will enjoy the inground salt water pool.


  • We will take photos/videos just so you can see how much fun your dog is having.


  • We only ask that you provide us with the food, bed, and any other amentity that your dog may need. Reason being, all dogs have different diets and comforts so it is best to stick with what they are used to.



 **Small Dog**: Dogs under 25 lbs and/or with a length of 12" or less. $65/night


**Medium Dog**: Dogs under 45 lbs and/or with a length of 15" or less. $75/night


**Large Dog**: Dogs under 90 lbs and/or with a length of 23" or less. $85/night



It's suggested to bring over an article with the owner's scent just in case the pooch suffers from separation anxiety.

Pet Taxi available for your convenience. 

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