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House Of The Woofers is proud to offer pet grooming services...Your way!

It only makes sense that the people who care for your pooch every time at daycare, should also be the ones to clean them up after the mess they get into.

Please note all rates are just estimates, we need to take into account the dog’s weight, breed, overall demeanor and possible soilings during the grooming process therefore there could be additional charges.

Dog size classification:

Small breed under 25lbs and or under 15 inches in length

Medium breed 25-45 lbs and or 15-18 inches in length

Large breed 46-80lbs and or 18-23 inches in length

X-large breed 80lbs + and or 23 + inches in length


*All doodle breeds will have a $5-$15 upcharge 

*Long hair breeds will have a $5-$10 upcharge

Pet Taxi available for your convenience. 

The Dirty Dog

The dirty dog is a thorough bath, and blow dry 

The dirty dog is for those pooches that just ran out into the mud and need a thorough bath to get them back into a clean state.

Choose this option if you want your dog to have a BATH and BLOW DRY only.

SMALL  $40+
MEDIUM  $50+
LARGE  $60+
X-Large  $80+

add-on services

Relaxing Facial $5
Nail trim $10
Nail trim & buffing $15
Teeth brushing $15
Ear cleaning $10
Tick/flea treatment $15
Gland expression $10
Face, paws, fanny trim $15
Paw treatment $5
De-shedding 10 mins $10
de-matting $50/hr
Massage 5-10 mins $5

PET TAXI $7/trip

*For the safety of your pet and our staff, we require that your dog be up to date with the rabies vaccine and will ask for proof prior to grooming.

*All online appointments will require proof of dog's immunization records and agreeing to our grooming terms of service policy*

The House Special

The welcome home + dirty dog + style body hair cut (client’s choice), style blow dry (dependent on style cut), thorough brushing (15 mins of de-matting/deshedding).


Our house special is our a la carte service making sure your pooch stands out above the rest

Choose this option if you want your dog to have a FULL BODY HAIRCUT with the works.

SMALL  $75+
MEDIUM  $85+
LARGE  $100+
X-Large Price varies

The Welcome Home

The dirty dog + trimming (hygienic areas, paw pad hairs, tushy, nails and face), body hair cut (light trim/shape up), thorough brushing, gland expression, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning.


Welcome home makes sure your pooch is nice and tidy so that they look proper and presentable.

Choose this option if you want your dog to have a light TRIM.

SMALL  $55+
MEDIUM  $65+
LARGE  $75+
X-LARGE  $95

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